It’s been over four years since Simple Plan released their last full length studio album and now the Montreal Pop/Punk/Rockers are gearing up to release their fifth album. Members Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau stopped by the ET Canada studio to chat with Roz Weston all about the highly anticipated release, which is currently untitled and set for February 2016. Comeau jokes, “It’s true that we make our fans wait, but we’re finally ready to put it out, the album and everything and it feels really exciting.” With Bouvier adding, “I feel great about it I think it’s going to be our best record ever!”

Both band mates were in their early 20s when the group put out their debut record – now they’re grown men with growing families! Bouvier has two adorable daughters Lennon and Soren. And Comeau just became a father earlier this year to a baby boy named London. Comeau tells us, “I just had a four month old baby so I want to be successful until the time that he realizes that his dad’s in a band. So we need to have one or two or three more records to do well for him because I want him to be stoked. To be on the side of the stage and be like, ‘Oh that’s my dad!'”;

But not all aspects of fatherhood are joyous – Bouvier jokes some of the children’s show theme songs can be a little unnerving… saying, “The Dora song for awhile was on rotation in my house… a lot of kids shows sort of shape their songs… it sounds like pop punk to me. It’s almost like guitars and fast drums. And I’m like, ‘oh that’s kind of a good idea. I’m going to go back in the studio and base my song off the new, ‘My little pony. My little Pony!” It’s actually inspiring. It’s funny.”

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