Graham Norton Confronts ‘Wine Glass Thief’ Rihanna In Hilarious Interview — Watch!

Rihanna is regularly snapped leaving clubs and events with her glass-in-hand and British talk show host Graham Norton wasted no time in asking the star about it during his show on Friday.

Rihanna, 30, appeared on the latest instalment of “The Graham Norton Show” alongside her “Ocean’s 8” cast mates and Norton, 55, ended up singling her out for her own “thieving” ways.

The presenter warned the guests, “All I’m saying is, watch yourself around Rihanna. Now, Rihanna. I don’t know if you know how criminal you are.”

He continued to ask, before showing a photo: “Did you ask permission from the club when you left holding this glass?”

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“That might have been one I took to the club,” RiRi insisted, before Norton questioned her: “What about this one? Did you ask about that glass?”

Norton showed numerous other snaps before he eventually shared one of Rihanna carrying the entire wine bottle.

The “Umbrella” hitmaker laughed, “My mom is going to see this. Sorry, mom!”

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This certainly isn’t the first time people have picked up on Rihanna and her love of wine glasses, with one social media user previously creating an entire Twitter thread dedicated to the snaps.

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