Gigi Hadid is keeping it real and raw in her latest interview with Vogue Australia, speaking candidly about how she started her modelling career.

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The 23-year-old admits that even before she was one of the highest paid models in the world, her career stemmed from living a privileged life.

Her mom, Yolanda Hadid was a successful model who became better known for her role on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

Her father, Mohammad Hadid, worked his way up to become a successful real estate developer.

Although Hadid has worked hard to get where she is today, she shared that she feels guilt about having a good start to her life.

“I know I come from privilege, so when I started there was this big guilt of privilege, obviously,” said Hadid. “I’ve always had this big work ethic, because my parents came from nothing and I worked hard to honour them.”

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Hadid shared with Vogue Australia that as a young model, her mother would send money she earned from modelling in the U.S. to her family back home in Holland. In turn, Gigi knows there are many models nowadays who may be in the same situation.

“There are so many girls who come from all over the world and work their arses off and send money home to their families like my mother did, and I wanted to stand next to them backstage and for them to look at me and respect me and to know that it’s never about me trying to overshadow or take their place,” Hadid explained. “So when I started out I wanted to prove myself so badly that sometimes I would overwork myself.”

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Even though Hadid, who has been on the cover of over 30 International Vogue issues, has worked her way to the top, she still admits she’s struggled with critics, but is using it as a way to up her game in the modelling industry.

“You know that people say I shouldn’t be on the runway? I’ve got a lot better at dealing with that and wanting to better myself,” she said. “That’s my motivation.”

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The July issue of Vogue Australia hits newsstands on June 25, but you can read the full interview here.

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