Mike Myers Finally Reveals Why He Returned To TV As ‘Tommy Maitland’ On ‘The Gong Show’

Mike Myers’ stint on the rebooted “The Gong Show” left fans wondering why he returned from television and movie hiatus as a character.

The Canadian comedy legend took a break from acting, but when he returned he emceed the game show disguised as British host Tommy Maitland.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, Myers revealed why he chose that path. “I’m an old punk rocker, and there were a few things I would watch [growing up]: ‘Saturday Night Live’, Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club TV, and ‘The Gong Show’,” he explained. “There was something punk rock about the show… It was show business, but it had absolutely no ambition in it whatsoever—it was ambition-free. The show was kind of like performance art of a talent show. It’s not really taking itself seriously.

“I just thought, If I’m doing this almost deconstruction of a talent show, I should be the ringmaster who is also deconstructed. It should be English in that way of keeping things moving, the super-gregarious [host],” Myers continued.

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Will Arnett, who acted as executive producer for the revival, told the mag Myers was what they were looking for: “This is why you ask Myers [in the first place].”

“We live in very serious times,” Arnett continued, “and we’re all on the edge of our seats at all times. I think that we need this release.”

Myers, as Tommy, will return to host “The Gong Show” for its second season as it premieres on Thursday.

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