It’s been 48 hours since Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped their surprise album Everything Is Love and Twitter can’t stop talking about it.

According to data from Twitter, the social media platform lit up all over the world when news broke of the Carters’ record.

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“Apes**t” was the most tweeted-about song, followed by “Nice”, “Friends”, “Boss”, and “Summer”.

The top-tweeted words in conversations about the album included “Louvre”, “Tidal”, “Lemonade”, “Spotify” and “#OTRII”.

Accompanying the tweets were emojis, first up is 🚨, which was closely followed by 🔥, 💖, 😂 and finally, 💙.

Everything Is Love is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and the Jay-Z-run Tidal.

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