Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in taking another swipe at Donald Trump’s family separation policy during Tuesday night’s “JKL!”

Slamming the president for keeping kids apart from their parents, Kimmel, 50, insisted: “President Trump is continuing to blame Democrats for his new ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy that has taken thousands of children from their parents and forced them into the detention centres you’ve seen.

“Even with a hellstorm of criticism coming his way from Republicans and Democrats alike, the president is digging in. As he does. He keeps saying there’s a law requiring him to do this, which, first of all, no, there isn’t. That’s complete BS. And secondly, since when did Donald Trump start caring about laws? There’s also a law against starting a fake university, I think,” the talk show host added, according to Deadline.

Trump’s policy has seen almost 2,000 children, many under 10 years old, separated from their parents in the last six weeks at the U.S.-Mexico border. While Trump blames the Democrats, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently used the Bible to defend the decision to incarcerate those crossing the border illegally.

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Kimmel also took a swipe at Trump’s family tree, with him recalling how the POTUS had said that the Democrats want illegal immigrants to “infest” the U.S.

“He used the word ‘infest’. You know, just like his German grandfather infested our country: no job, no English. He just crawled in, on his stomach, and infested the country with a bunch of Trumps.”

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The presenter referred to Trump’s wife Melania, claiming she was “jealous” because other people get to be separated from their families.

He also called Trump’s kids Eric and Donald Jr. “enormous tools.”

Kimmel certainly isn’t the only late-night talk show host digging into the president right now, with John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon all taking their own shots at Trump.

Watch Kimmel’s latest episode here.