Trent Reznor Calls Out The ‘Taylor Swifts Of The World’ For Not Speaking Out Against Donald Trump

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is singling out Taylor Swift and other “cultural youth” for not taking a stand against Donald Trump and his policies. Instead, Reznor says young celebs are too focused on their personal brands to speak out.

“You don’t hear a lot from the Taylor Swifts of the world, and top-tier, needle-moving cultural youth because they are concerned about their brand, their demographic and their success and career and whatnot,” Reznor says in a new interview with The New York Times.

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Swift has kept silent when it comes to political issues. While she shared a pic of herself getting ready to vote in 2016, she did not reveal which party she voted for and has never spoken out for or against a particular political candidate. The most public political statement Swift has made is donating to the March For Our Lives rally in the wake of the Parkland, Fla. shooting earlier this year.

But Reznor, 53, says Swift and others should be doing much more, explaining why he feels stars should be vocal on important issues.

“I was doing press with somebody in the mid-’90s and they made an argument that stayed with me: that I have influence, and that it’s my job to call out whatever needs to be called out, because there are people who feel the same way, but need someone to articulate it,” he says, adding it used to be a lot easier to “keep your mouth shut and let it go.”

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“It’s easy to feel pessimistic now – being a father of young kids, my job is to preserve their innocence as long as possible,” he says. “Every time I’ve got to jump to turn the TV off so I don’t have to explain the myriad embarrassments that are coming out of the current administration – ‘What’s a porn star, Dad?’ – it affects me in ways that I probably wouldn’t have been this tuned in to a couple of years ago.”

Calling Trump ‘s actions “concerning and infuriating,” Reznor is dismayed at the state of his country.

“It’s not the conservative agenda, it’s not a question of religious preference, it’s not a question of should government be big or small,” he continues. “I don’t have any problem with those topics. But the disregard for decency and truth and civility is what’s really disheartening. It feels like a country that celebrates stupidity is really taking it up a notch.”



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