‘The Late Show’ Airs Mock Public Service Announcement Following Canada’s Legalization Of Marijuana

After Canada passed legislation to make marijuana legal later this year, Stephen Colbert aired an important warning message at the top of Friday’s “The Late Show.”

In the spoof public service announcement, the voiceover claimed that “newly legalized Canadian marijuana is a gateway drug to other Canadian behaviors.”

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The video warned that puffing on Canadian pot could lead to “mainlining poutine,” “lumberjacking,” or even “slurping the amber dragon,” a creative reference to the Canuck’s beloved maple syrup.

In really serious cases, the newly legalized weed could even turn you into a Mountie.

Earlier in the week, fellow late-night talk show host James Corden was thrilled about Canada’s decision to legalize marijuana.

On Wednesday night’s “The Late Late Show” in the UK, the host opened his monologue by announcing that Canada had passed legislation to make it the second nation in the world to make weed legal.

“So while it’s been wonderful to be back here in London,” Corden said. “I can now officially announce next year we’re taking the show to Toronto.”

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Corden also joked about calls to legalize medicinal marijuana in the UK, to which British Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters she has never smoked cannabis.

“I believe her!” Corden said. “You know why? Because she calls it cannabis. That’s what my mom still calls it.”



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