“Star Wars” fans who didn’t like “The Last Jedi” are taking their disdain to a whole new level.

On Tuesday, another “Star Wars” fan debuted a hilariously silly poster for a “Last Jedi” remake featuring Luke Skywalker with ripped abs and a woman taking a roasted chicken out of an oven.

Last month, a Twitter account called Remake The Last Jedi got attention for claiming that they have a team of producers willing to finance a remake of the eighth entry in the saga “in order to save ‘Star Wars’.”

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“The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson caught wind of the remake campaign and responded in delightful fashion.

Johnson was also amused at the notion suggested by a fan that they’d love to see a reality TV series about the production of the remake.

Seth Rogen also got into it on Twitter, asking the Remake account if they truly plan to spend $200 million on a film.

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Other “Star Wars” fans on Twitter cracked jokes about the idea and suggested other films they’d like to remake if they had the chance.