Seth Rogen Jokes That Sharing A Song Credit With Beyonce For ‘Lion King’ ‘Has Made My Wife More Attracted To Me’

Seth Rogen is a comedian, actor and now a singer.

The actor, 36, voices Pumbaa in Disney’s upcoming “The Lion King” remake and with that comes singing the classic, beloved tunes.

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Rogen sat down with Buzzfeed and its morning show “AM to DM” and revealed the one thing that has him excited about the flick, “What’s amazing is that I think I will share song credit with Beyonce. Perhaps even more than one song. There will be songs in the world that will say Beyonce, probably Donald Glover and… Seth Rogen.”

And with the song credit, comes some benefits, “It has made my wife more attracted to me. My proximity to Beyonce has made me more attractive,” he joked.

But mostly, he says, playing the role is an honour, “‘Lion King’ was one of my favourite movies. It’s the most expensive movie I’ve ever had anything to do with.”

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Rogen also chatted about season three of his hit show “Preacher” and what’s in store for Jesse, “He probably thinks he’s a good person. I think he desperately doesn’t go to hell which he’s afraid he’s going to.”

“The Lion King” is set to hit theatres July 19, 2019.

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