Liza Koshy Gets Breakup Advice From Stephen Colbert On ‘Late Show’ Debut

Along with his signature satire and comedy, talk show host Stephen Colbert brought breakup advice to Thursday night’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.

His guest, YouTube star Liza Koshy, recently made the decision to broadcast her and her boyfriend, David Dobrik’s, breakup to her millions of followers across her channel and social media platforms six months after their initial goodbyes.

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Colbert, 54, was curious as to why she made that executive decision.

“We wanted to heal first, we wanted to come to an understanding and be best friends and be in each other’s lives still without being in a romantic relationship but still be able to create online,” Koshy said. “For those six months, we took that time for ourselves to grow and still create together and show the world that you can still be friends.”

Of course, Colbert had a few friendly words of advice for Koshy, 22, post-breakup.

“You don’t want the person who you broke up with to have anything bad happen to them,” he told her. “You want them to be safe and healthy and happy but just never seen again. Just gone, just gone. They go to a different planet where they’re happy all the time and you never think about them again.”

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Koshy also talked about her upcoming hosting gig on Nickelodeon’s reboot of “Double Dare”, which prompted more hilarious post-breakup advice from Colbert.

“Are you going to bring all the personal life stuff to ‘Double Dare’? So if you break up with the next boy, will you slime him when you break up with him?

“That sounds like a good plan. I think I’ll have David on just so I can do that.”

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Koshy, who boasts over 40 million followers combined across her YouTube channel and social media platforms, broke down her job for Colbert after he wanted to know how she became a household name.

“I am myself and I think that’s something that my generation kind of embodies now that just being yourself online and just putting yourself out there and being authentically you is something that we really appreciate nowadays and being insane and taking Snapchats.”

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The YouTube star also played a game of ‘Double Dare: Nickelodeon Nostalgia Edition” that brings back all the memories for fans of the original show.

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