Classic Slasher Movie ‘Child’s Play’ To Become TV Series

Chucky is coming back to deliver more horror, but this time he’s doing it on TV.

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The writer of the 1988 killer doll classic “Child’s Play”, Don Mancini, teased the new series on Twitter Friday.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Mancini said earlier this year that the last film in the series, 2017’s “Cult of Chucky”, set the stage for the upcoming series.

“We plan to use ‘Child’s Play’ in the title,” he said. “We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before. It’s going to be very creepy.”

Mancini also confirmed that actor Brad Dourif would return to be the voice of Chucky.

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Series producer David Kirschner told Bloody Disgusting, “I’m incredibly excited about the series and to explore a world in which we’ve never done before.”

The site also reports that the series is planned to be eight hourlong episodes.

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