Carrie Fisher had affairs with David Bowie and Freddie Mercury when she was just 17-years-old, an explosive new biography has claimed.

Fisher, who died aged 60 on December 27, 2016, was said to have been introduced to the pair via Mick Jagger, who had invited her mother, Debbie Reynolds, to a party.

The book, which has been written by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince and titled “Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds: Princess Leia & Unsinkable Tammy in Hell”, is expected to be published in the U.K. next month.

The film historians claimed Fisher was in London, training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, when she had relationships with Bowie and Mercury in 1973, the Daily Mail reported.

Carrie Fisher is said to have had an affair with David Bowie
Carrie Fisher is said to have had an affair with David Bowie — REUTERS/Dylan Martinez/File Photo

Porter, who is said to have befriended many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, reportedly interviewed one of Fisher’s friends, Joan Hackett, before she passed away in 1983.

The biography claimed Fisher thought Bowie, who was married to Angie Barnett at the time, “had made the world a better place for rebels, oddballs, and misfits like me.”

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The “Star Wars” favourite is also said to have told Hackett that Bowie “seemed to survive for days on brain-sizzling cocaine, drinking only milk for nourishment.”

Fisher also added, “Some nights were torture for him as he sank into a cocaine pit of hell… He could be ruthless, mean, jealous. At other times, he conquered his demons and could be sweet and tender, wanting and needing love.”

She then said Bowie had told her: “I’m adored by millions of fans, but I feel at times like I’m all by myself out there on the edge of a cliff that is slowly giving way.”

Actress also reportedly had a relationship with Freddie Mercury
Actress also reportedly had a relationship with Freddie Mercury — UPPA/ZUMA Press/KEYSTONE Press (©) Copyright 1970 by UPPA

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Fisher confirmed she’d taken drugs with the much-loved musician, but said: “I have no-one to blame but myself for my future addiction, but he certainly led me to the water to drink.”

The book then said of Fisher’s alleged affair with Queen frontman Mercury: “In addition to an endless parade of boys and young men on the side, Mercury occasionally seduced a young woman and had a long-time relationship with Mary Austin… Carrie said she didn’t want to interfere with his ongoing love affair, but he dismissed her concerns.”

Despite all of the above, Fisher’s brother Todd told ET Canada: “The authors of this book didn’t know Carrie,” with him adding that ” no credible person close to Carrie including myself ever gave them an interview for this book.”