Kaitlyn & Shawn’s ‘Mile-High Club’ Confession

It’s been over 3 months since Kaitlyn chose Shawn on the Bachelorette finale and things are hotter than ever for the couple.

The two are now happily engaged, and haven’t really stopped since the show ended…but they make sure to find time to keep things…well, interesting.   ET Canada reporter Erin Cebula tested out the adorable couple’s relationship with “The NearlyWed Game’ and when the topic turned to the craziest place they’ve ever had sex, the pair confessed it was on an airplane in a first-class pod.

“It was in the dark, everyone was sleeping! We were watching a movie, we were cuddling. It happened!”; Kaitlyn laughed.

While the Bachelor franchise doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to couples going the distance, Kaitlyn and Shawn aren’t focusing on the haters who say their relationship is doomed to fail.

“Well, we say to them, “Your relationship might not work either’ but we don’t focus on that!'”; Kaitlyn said while Shawn chimed in.”;If you took 10 normal couples not in reality tv, what’s the rate of them working out? It’s really the same everywhere you go, online dating, finding someone at the bar.”;

They have yet to lock down a wedding date or location, but Kaitlyn is all about a boho-vibe and she’s been getting inspiration on Pinterest. As for whether the cameras will be rolling when they say “I do’, well… good news for Bachelorette fans! Kaitlyn teased, “We’ve talked about it and it seems like it would be fun. I think if we did that we would probably have a little intimate wedding after.”;

Meanwhile, in January, Ben H, takes over as the new Bachelor and Kaitlyn and Shawn couldn’t be happier it’s him.

“He’s such a great guy. He’s just a good person. He’s younger but he’s also very mature and ready,”; Kaitlyn told ET Canada.



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