The “ultimate” weapon has been unleashed in the brand new red-band trailer for “The Predator”.

After being inadvertently summoned by Jacob Tremblay’s Rory, the galaxy’s deadliest hunter returns to Earth where only a crew of ex-soldiers and one disgruntled science teacher can save the planet. But this isn’t your average Predator – a brand new “ultimate” hunter has arrived and he’s not playing around.

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Co-starring Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn and Boyd Holbrook, the sure-to-be bloody sci-fi horror movie is directed by Shane Black (“The Nice Guys”).

“The Predator” is the latest entry into the franchise, which originated with 1987’s “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. A string of middling sequels followed before being rebooted once again in 2010 with Adrien Brody in “Predators”.

Watch the red-band trailer below (Caution: Language and violence may offend some).