Even an international superstar like Katy Perry has trouble getting a reservation at the top restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland.

During the Scottish stop on her Witness World Tour, the “Bon Appetit” singer told the crowd she had so much trouble trying to get into Glasgow’s restaurants, she ended up at Taco Bell instead.

“I was on the Internet looking up the top 25 places for dinner,” the pop star announced on stage, according to The Scottish Sun. “Some are really fancy. Some only sit like 10 people. I called a couple of places and couldn’t get in anywhere.”

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“On the list at the very end, it said Taco Bell.  So I went there – and then I went to your movie theatre,” she said.

Perry probably didn’t mind hitting up Taco Bell – she frequently talks about her love of the Mexican fast-food chain and once lined up for an hour at the grand opening of Tokyo’s first-ever Taco Bell location.

She previously told People she celebrated her 2015 Forbes magazine cover by “going straight to Taco Bell and getting my crunch wrap supreme.”