Bella Hadid Crashes A High School Prom

Bella Hadid surprised a bunch of students on Monday night when she decided to crash their high school prom.

The supermodel joined the teens from Oceanside High, a school outside of New York City, where she posed for photos and even jumped on board a party bus full of students in sequined dresses and smart tuxedos.

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News of Hadid’s surprise appearance quickly started spreading on social media when the shocked high schoolers began sharing photographic evidence of the unexpected encounter.

According to one of Hadid’s Instagram stories, she wrapped up a photoshoot on a beach in NYC on Monday, and given Oceanside’s close proximity to Long Beach, it’s possible she bumped into the prom goers while in town.

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Hadid, who was snapped wearing a black velour tracksuit, did not share any photos of the event on social media herself.

It was surely a prom to remember for the Oceanside High students!



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