Donald Glover and Rashida Jones have joined forces for a Time’s Up PSA about appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Directed by Jones and narrated by Glover, the animated video aims to give people a better understanding of what does – and does not – constitute sexual harassment in the office, but also the power dynamics that are at play.

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“Has the current wave of sexual allegations left you scared? Confused? Maybe even a little angry? Is the culture shifting under your feet so fast you can’t make sense of it?” Glover asks in the video. “Or do you simply not know how to behave at work anymore?”

The video presents itself as a guide, answering some frequently asked questions, like “Is it appropriate to greet your co-worker with a deep full body hug or mouth kiss?” or “Is it appropriate to think your co-worker looks sexy in their pants?” and introduces concepts such as unwanted touching.

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Despite the serious subject matter, the PSA aims to help people with a bit of humour.

Jones tells Buzzfeed she picked Glover to narrate the spot because the rapper and “Atlanta” star has a “cool, laid-back energy” that helps give the PSA a non-threatening vibe.

“This is not a mandate; we’re not telling people how to live their lives, she says. “This is really just to incite self-reflection and for people to look at the way they behave in their workplaces.”

The actress hopes the message behind Time’s Up moves beyond Hollywood.

“We didn’t want to be a group of Hollywood bubble people who don’t understand the larger issues. For me, it’s always been until the most marginalized person is taken care of and feels safe and has protections, then nobody’s done a good job,” she says. “Intersectionality, including other industries – all these things are incredibly important to us, so all the language, hopefully, will feel inclusive of people who have in the past felt left out of these conversations.”