More than 30 years after the original, “Top Gun 2” is finally happening, and producers have found news star to play a key character in the film.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glen Powell is in talks to join the cast of the film in an unspecified role.

Powell was originally up for a key role as the son of the character Goose, wingman to Tom Cruise’s pilot Maverick in the 1986 original, but as Variety reported last month, “Whiplash” star Miles Teller ended up winning the part.

THR reports that despite not getting the role, Powell impressed Tom Cruise, producer Jerry Jerry Bruckheimer and others involved in the production that they decided to find him another part in the film.

Goose, who died in that film, was played by actor Anthony Edwards. Teller beat out Powell, as well as Nicholas Hoult for the part following a screen test with Cruise.

Powell reacted to losing out on the part on Twitter when the news broke, jokingly writing he was “taking down all the Tom Cruise posters” in his bedroom.

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Original stars Cruise and Val Kilmer are both slated to return in the sequel from “Oblivion” director Joseph Kosinski.

The movie, titled “Top Gun: Maverick”, is scheduled for release in July 2019.