Matthew McConaughey Looks Back On The ‘McConaissance’: ‘I Love Being An Actor’

Back in the early 2000s we all witnessed one of the great artistic rebirths of all time: The McConaissance.

From 2011 to 2014, actor Matthew McConaughey starred in a number of beloved and critically acclaimed films, casting off romantic comedies for serious projects like “The Lincoln Lawyer”, “Mud” and “Magic Mike.

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As reported by IndieWire, in a new interview on the cover of Cigar Aficionado, the 48-year-old looked back on that stretch of success, which peaked with winning Best Actor for “Dallas Buyers Club” at the Oscars in 2014 and later that year starring in “Interstellar”.

“That whole thing was much less of a 180 for myself than people seemed to think,” McConaughey said. “There was this narrative of ‘then’ and ‘now.’ I didn’t get a new acting coach or take a new class. I just said, ‘F*** the bucks—I’m going for the experience’ in the things I was choosing.”

McConaughey explained that he closed up his production and music companies in order to refocus on acting.

“I quit trying to project how something would be received and decided to just be an actor for hire again,” he said. “I love being an actor and going as deep as you can in a role, to really commit to the craft. I put my head down and went after roles that scared me.”

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The actor also talked about the importance of working with talented filmmakers like Richard Linklater, Jeff Nichols, Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan and more.

“You work faster and move quickly,” McConaughey said. “There’s no sitting around while they set up a shot for two or three hours. When I was making ‘Killer Joe’ with William Friedkin, he did everything in one take. One take! Now there are two ways to take that. You can freeze up and think, ‘What am I gonna do?’ Or you just relax and use that as freedom, instead of fear.”

After a string of less well-received films and the box office bomb of 2017’s “The Dark Tower”, McConaughey is looked to recapture that McConnaisance magic this fall with Yann Demange’s “White Boy Rick”, Steven Knight’s “Serenity” and Harmony Korine’s “The Beach Bum”.



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