Drake’s Album ‘Scorpion’ Takes Over Social Media With More Than 3 Million Mentions In 24 Hours

It’s been less than 24 hours since the release of Drake’s highly anticipated album Scorpion, and it’s no surprise that it has already taken over social media.

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There have been over 3 million tweets about Drake in the past 24 hours, with fans tweeting three times more about the album’s “B-Side” than the “A-Side”.

The most tweeted about tracks include, “Emotionless”, which revealed that the 31-year-old rapper fathered a child, “In My Feelings”, “8 out of 10”, “Jaded” and “That’s How You Feel”.

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Of course, fans’ tweets couldn’t be complete without emojis, with the top five most-tweeted being: 🔥,😂, 🦂, 😭, and 😩.

Drake used the “Editor’s Notes” section of his album on Apple Music to his advantage to get back at his haters. But if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, fans can now ask Siri questions about the rapper, such as “Hey Siri, what’s Drake’s nickname?” and “Why is Drake upset?” and receive some entertaining responses.

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The release of Scorpion also revealed the official album cover and fans can now create their own album artwork, using their own picture in replacement of Drake’s on makeyourdrake.com

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