Heidi Klum stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Friday, and Fallon gave her a chance to make up for Germany’s shocking World Cup loss in an epic game of foosball.

The German model was still hurting after her home country’s embarrassing 2-0 defeat to South Korea on Wednesday which saw them knocked out of the 2018 World Cup.

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“How can you, like, win, like win the whole thing, and then next time around, I think we’re like bottom of the list… how’s that possible?” Klum asked, dumbfounded how the 2014 world champions couldn’t even make it out of the group stages in this year’s competition.

“I feel bad for all of them,” she added, “but at the end of the day, may the best one win.”

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The late-night host then offered the “America’s Got Talent” judge a chance at redemption, by staging a Germany vs. USA World Cup foosball game, with a twist – they’d both be blindfolded.

“It’s like Fifty Shades of Foosball,” Klum joked as Fallon tied the blindfold around her head.

After a lot of confusion and “balls” related innuendo, the game finally kicked off, though it was difficult for both participants to know what was happening.

“We need more balls” Klum demanded, urging Fallon to put another ball onto the table to increase the odds of scoring. You can watch the video above to see how the intense game ended.

Elsewhere on the show, Klum got Fallon hot under the collar when she showed him her undressed Ocean Drive magazine cover, and she also talked about taking her kids to camp.

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