Lewis Hamilton faced backlash last December when he shamed his young nephew for wearing a ‘princess dress’ and is now trying to ‘make amends.’

The Formula One star features on the cover of British GQ wearing a kilt designed by Tommy Hilfiger, an act meant to show repentance for his actions and acceptance of his nephew’s fashion choice.

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In an Instagram video shared by Hamilton on Christmas Day 2017, the 33-year-old is heard mocking his nephew for wearing a purple and pink dress, telling him, “boys can’t be princesses.”

“I’m so sad right now… look at my nephew,” Hamilton said in the video, before turning the camera on his nephew.

“Why are you wearing a princess dress?” he asked. “Is this what you got for Christmas? Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas, boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

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The video, which was later deleted, soon sparked outrage, and Hamilton issued an apology the following day. Now he is hoping to make a public acknowledgement of his mistake by donning a kilt for GQ.

“At Vogue House we think of the cover as a powerful act of personal conviction, which acknowledges Hamilton’s increasingly brave fashion sense, while offering a very public apology, a multicoloured tartan mea culpa,” British GQ said in an Instagram post.

Speaking to GQ about the incident, Hamilton said, “I still hold regret for it today, but ultimately I think it’s important in life for people to be held accountable for their actions and particularly their words, and I was.”

However, the reaction to the GQ cover on social media has been mixed, with many users pointing out that a “kilt” and a “skirt” are not the same thing and therefore undermines the point.

The August issue of British GQ is set for release on July 5.