Dave Grohl Says He Wants To Release Unseen Nirvana Reunion Footage, Talks Tom Petty’s Heartbreaking Death In Tell-All Chat

Dave Grohl discusses everything from that star-studded Nirvana reunion club show in 2014 to his mom being scared Madonna would “snatch him up” in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Grohl, 49, took the stage at a tiny club in Brooklyn on the night of Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, alongside the likes of guitarist Pat Smear, as well as Lorde, St. Vincent, Joan Jett and Kim Gordon.

Speaking about whether or not the filmed footage from the evening would ever be released, Nirvana’s former drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman says: “When we realized that we were going to do it, I just called the people from my production company and said, ‘We need to film this,’ and we loaded some cameras in there and and shot it without knowing what would ever come of it.”

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“But it would be a shame for that evening to be only a memory and and we’ve got it. And it was f**king great. It was cathartic and everybody involved, I think, understood that they were part of something like a dream.

“I remember playing and looking and seeing Carrie Brownstein in the front row in the pit singing along to every song and, you know, getting to play drums behind Joan Jett or, god, playing ‘School’ or f**king ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ with J Mascis. It really was amazing. It was something else. Someday, I’m sure everybody’ll see it.”

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Grohl’s interview also sees him open about Tom Petty’s heartbreaking death, with him telling the publication: “That was a tough one. I saw him maybe a week before he died. I saw his last show, and and it was wonderful.

“It was exuberant and beautiful and happy and sounded amazing and the band was better than I had seen them in a long time and… and then he’s gone. It’s hard to believe he’s gone, but fortunately we have his music. That was a real tough one. That one hurt a lot,” he adds of his friend, who was found dead aged 66 on October 2.

Not ending the chat there, Grohl then goes on to discuss his mom worrying that fame would result in Madonna “snatching him up.”

The musician says, “Like, right around the ‘Truth or Dare’ movie. [She said] ‘I don’t want you to date her.’ I’m like, ‘Mom, don’t worry. As if.’ She’s pretty funny. Gotta love your momma.”

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