Cesar Millan is opening up about the some of serious struggles he’s dealt with in his life.

The “Dog Whisperer” appeared on the new episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s show “Red Table Talk”, revealing that he illegally crossed the border from Mexico into the U.S. numerous times.

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“I jumped the border,” he said, admitting that when he first went to America he couldn’t speak English. In fact, is was a chance encounter with Pinkett Smith that helped him change that.

Pinkett Smith had told Millan that he needed to learn the language. “The next day a friend of hers came to my place in South Central and said, ‘I’m your new English teacher,'” he recalled. “So because of Jada, I speak English.”

“They can sell you. They can kill you for organs. That is more likely than jumping it,” Millan said of the trouble he faced with drug cartels in Mexico in trying to cross the border. “So it’s not a piece of cake. I’m respectful about it, I know I broke a boundary and a rule, but it was for a dream.”

“Many times I let the border patrol catch me, because Americans feed you,” he continued. “So when they catch you, they feed you. Mexican police don’t feed you.”

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Millan also said that after his first marriage collapsed in 2012 he contemplated suicide.

“The ex-wife was not an animal person,” he said. “We were not compatible. Right away you don’t take it as a lesson, you take it as a curse. Often you take it upon yourself like you did something wrong. And that’s when I wanted to commit suicide.”

“I went into a place where I wasn’t doing things for me,” Millan said of his journey back from the darkness. “I needed to gain back how I came to America. I did it because I love myself and I believe in myself.”