Seth Rogen has been chatting with Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey about the number of white supremacists on the platform.

The Vancouver-born actor tweeted on Tuesday that he has been exchanging direct messages with Dorsey for “the last 8 months or so” about the company’s “bizarre need to verify white supremacists on his platform.”

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“Ban the Nazis” has been a frequent outcry from the social media site’s users for years, leading to an update of Twitter’s policies, which include banning members who belong to hate groups. Twitter began a so-called “purge” of users who identify as part of a hate group, but critics of Twitter say the platform isn’t doing enough to keep hate-speech and “Nazis” off the site. Far-right users have even taken to mocking Twitter’s attempts to clean up its user-base.

But, as far as Rogen has been able to determine, based on his conversations with Dorsey, the CEO “simply does not seem to give a f***.”

Rogen has not yet publicly shared screenshots of his DMs with Dorsey, nor has he elaborated on his conversations.

Neither Dorsey nor the official Twitter account have commented on Rogen’s tweet.

A pinned tweet on Dorsey’s account from March reads: