‘Bestselling Author’ Donald Trump Mocked By JK Rowling On Twitter

JK Rowling has made it no secret that she is not a fan of U.S. President Donald Trump.

The highly successful author and creator of the “Harry Potter” franchise took to Twitter on Tuesday to laugh out loud at Trump’s latest tweet.

Trump, the author of many “how to get rich” biographies, tweeted to defend his style of tweet-writing.

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“After having written many bestselling books, and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write, it should be noted that the Fake News constantly likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mistake,” he wrote. “I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not because they should be capitalized!”

Rowling had one simple response to Trump’s words:

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“*Wipes eyes, tries to control breathing*,” she wrote. “Seriously, Donald Trump is the Gratest Writer on earth.”

This isn’t the first time Rowling has mocked Trump on Twitter. In May, Rowling shared side-by-side photos of those in attendance to witness the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding and Trump’s inauguration crowd.

“Love > Hate,” Rowling tweeted alongside the photos.

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