Christina Aguilera Says It Was ‘Important’ For Her To Leave ‘The Voice’

Christina Aguilera is explaining why she decided to quit “The Voice”.

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The singer was on the music competition show between 2011 and 2016, saying in a new interview with The Los Angeles Times she had felt “disconnected for a while and I wasn’t in the right head space either being in an environment that was just not good for me.”

“The blind audition thing was very intriguing to me because it provided an opportunity for anybody to get on stage and be discovered, regardless of their look,” Aguilera said of the show’s unique format. “But year by year, I kept seeing things that were not lining up with that original vision. The show progressed in a direction I wasn’t into and that I didn’t think was a lot of times fair.”

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Aguilera also alluded to troubles on the set of “The Voice”.

“I also saw blatant things that I didn’t think were okay and that I’m sure no one would want to put up with in a work environment,” she said. “It was important for me to step away.”

Aguilera’s tour supporting her new album “Liberation” kicks off in September.



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