CBS Responds To Complaints Of Racism And Sexual Harassment On ‘Big Brother’

“Big Brother US” is at the centre of controversy after fans complained about racist comments made by some of the contestants in Season 20, as well as inappropriate sexual behaviour by another houseguest.

The most recent incident surrounds cast members Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler, who on Monday night, during the show’s 24/7 live feed, used the term “ghetto” to describe their tans.

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“My stomach is as dark as Bay,” Swindler said, comparing her tan to her African-American roommate Bayleigh Dayton. “I can’t be in the sun for two days straight. I will change ethnicities. I already have.”

Rummans then responded: “I’m looking ghetto here with the skin coloration.”

Viewers who witnessed the comments took to social media to air their outrage and called upon the “Big Brother” producers to intervene.

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The recent outcry follows complaints from fans regarding contestant JC Mounduix and his inappropriate sexual behaviour. Mounduix was seen on the live feeds touching other contestants’ genitals with an ice cream scoop. Many viewers believe Mounduix should be removed from the show.

“Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and capturing every unfiltered moment and conversation in their lives,” CBS said in a statement released Tuesday evening.

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“At times, the houseguests reveal prejudices and exhibit behavior that we do not condone” the statement continued. “The producers have addressed two such incidents that were seen recently on the 24/7 online feed. In both cases, those involved have been warned about their inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, as well as future consequences.”

“These events will not be part of any future Big Brother broadcast on CBS.”

In 2013, the show was hit with a similar backlash when a number of cast members in Season 15 made overt racist and homophobic remarks about their fellow contestants. Back then, CBS chose to broadcast the offensive comments in the weekly episodes.

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