Goop Still Under Fire For ‘Deceptive’ Advertising Claims

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop continues to face accusations of false advertising despite efforts to fix the problem, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Last year, nonprofit organization Truth in Advertising ( reported Goop to regulators for what they called “deceptive” advertising, citing 51 examples of misleading articles on the company’s website. sent their list of complaints to two California district attorneys in August 2017.

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Since the complaints, Goop adopted a new tagging system on their website which places articles in specific categories with different disclaimers. These disclaimers are meant to inform readers whether or not there is scientific evidence to support the claims made in the reports.

As reported by THR, the categories include “For Your Enjoyment” (no solid scientific support); “Ancient Modality” (an old concept that isn’t proven); “Speculative But Promising” (has momentum but needs more research); “Supported by Science” (lots of research behind the idea) and “Rigorously Tested” (doctors including M.D.s, D.O.s, N.D.s, and Ph.D.s agree on the idea).

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However, is unsatisfied with this new countermeasure, stating that Goop “continues to decieve consumers” with its false claims.

“They don’t stick out so most people miss them anyway,” wrote on their website, referring to Goop’s new tagging system. “And, legally speaking, they can’t cure a false claim — the false claim being that, regardless of how Goop wants to project itself to the world, the company does not possess the appropriate scientific evidence to support many of the health claims on its site.”

The post continued: “In short, Goop continues to deceive consumers, and is trying to cover its tracks with disclaimers that are legally and practically ineffective. As such, we strongly urge that action be taken in order to protect consumers from Goop’s ongoing deceptive marketing.”

ET Canada has reached out to Goop for comment.

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