James Gunn is the latest director to speak out against toxic fandoms.

The “Guardians Of The Galaxy” director took aim at “Star Wars” fans who have derided the franchise and bullied its cast and crew, resulting in “The Last Jedi” actress Kelly Marie Tran to quit social media after dealing with abuse.

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On Wednesday Gunn shared an article about “The Phantom Menace” actor Ahmed Best, in which he described feeling suicidal after playing Jar Jar Binks due to the extreme hate and backlash against the character from “Star Wars” fans. Twitter users replied to Gunn’s tweet blaming the writer and George Lucas for Jar Jar and not Best, to which the director responded, telling them they’re “missing the point.”

“Critique it. Don’t like it. But spewing hate and bile at individuals just doing their best to tell a story even if the story sucks, is lame,” he writes.

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Gunn’s comments touch upon both the volatile fans of the “Star Wars” universe and trolls who claimed gender-swapped movies like “Ghostbusters” or “Ocean’s 8” ruined their childhoods.

“‘Star Wars’ (or any movie) may be important to you, but it doesn’t belong to you,” Gunn writes. “If your self-esteem depends on how good you think the current ‘Star Wars’ is, or your childhood is ruined because you don’t like something in a movie, GO TO THERAPY.”

Mark Hamill, Rian Johnson and “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” writer-director Christopher McQuarrie have spoken out against the toxic fans.

The two directors have given Twitter trolls lessons in proper film criticism – even if they themselves don’t agree.