Cardi B is taking her ex-manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael to court.

The rapper, 25, is suing Shaft after he went after her for $10 million earlier this year. She’s also claiming he was too controlling over, not only her career but her personal life too.

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Cardi (real name: Belcalis Almanzar), who is expecting her first child with husband Offset, filed the countersuit on Thursday in federal court. The documents say that Raphael originally agreed to get 20 per cent commission but after Cardi got a publishing deal with Sony music, he demanded 50 per cent.

As the documents read, as Cardi became more successful, “so too did Shaft’s greed.”

“Shaft proved increasingly willing to take advantage of, deceive and exploit Ms. Almanzar, and he had the ability to do so through complete control over all legal documents and virtually every dollar that Ms. Almanzar earned in the entertainment business.”

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The “Bodak Yellow” singer also claimed Raphael put “barriers between her and people close to her in an effort to maintain complete control over her,” and told her “who she should and should not see romantically.”

Back in April, Shaft sued Cardi for allegedly cutting him off financially.

Cardi is suing Shaft for $15 million.

Raphael has since responded to Cardi’s countersuit saying it’s full of “outright lies and distortions” and a “campaign against him.”

In a statement to Page Six, a rep for Raphael says: “The facts are simple — Cardi B’s music, image and rise to superstardom were all developed and executed by Shaft and his team of writers and producers.”

Adding, “The outright lies and distortions in her claims make you shake your head.”

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