Backstage at the Sexiest Show on Earth

Victoria’s Secret is mecca for supermodels. It’s a parade of the prettiest girls in the world. And being backstage with the Angels as they prep for the show is basically a religious experience for all those that worship at the altar of ‘fashion’ (namely me).

Getting BACK into the backstage area is no simple task. The show takes place at an actual Armory on Lexington Avenue in NYC (the same location Marc Jacobs has shown his collections) and getting in is like trying to penetrate Fort Knox! I’m going to presume the security precautions have something to do with the $2.5 million bra. After having the photos for our media passes taken against a prison-gray velour backdrop and passing a ‘sniff’ test by actual sniffing guard dogs (!), the lovely Natasha Gargiulo and I were finally led into the land of the beautiful (aka backstage).

Being backstage is a true master class in sexy, and like any good student – I took notes. There are really three crucial moves that make a Victoria’s Secret Angel. First – the ‘wink’. We’ve all seen it at the end of the runway. It’s a seemingly simple gesture but after asking four or five girls to wink for our camera, I noticed the expert technique which includes a tilt of the head and one shoulder lift. If you can do it in front of a wind-machine, even better.

Adriana Lima has the “secret’ to being a VS Angel down pat. Photo: Getty

Next up is the infamous ‘blowing a kiss’ move. This also feels like it would rank ‘easy’ on the difficulty scale, but not so. Several girls blew kisses to our camera and it appears that the speed at which the kiss is blown is quite crucial. It should basically feel like it’s happening in slow motion, even though it isn’t. And remember, when your mother told you not to point?

Well this is not a the case for VS Angels. It’s all about the power ‘Point’! This move really must be done in combination with a sexy swagger – just find something in the room, let your index finger hone in with a good solid ‘point’ and start strutting!

I think these three things are really the ‘secret’ of the Victoria’s Secret Show and with careful mastering, you too can feel like an Angel! Just be warned, attempting all three at once is really, really advanced. Only Adriana Lima can pull THAT off and make it look good. She opens the show tonight at 10 p.m. on Global!

And get your backstage peek by watching below!

~ By Jesse Barkley



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