‘Iron Man’ Writer Believes Tony Stark Will Die In Next ‘Avengers’ Film

Could Tony Stark meet his end in the next “Avengers” film?

That’s the theory coming from comic book writer Bob Layton, who wrote numerous storylines for Marvel’s “Iron Man” series, transforming the metal-clad billionaire from fringe character to one of Marvel’s most popular heroes.

Speaking with the Tampa Bay Tribune, Layton laid out his belief that star Robert Downey Jr. would be stepping away from his iconic role — permanently.

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“I am only speculating, but I will guess that [Downey Jr.] is done,” Layton tells the newspaper. “He has been doing the same role for over 10 years now, and I think as with any actor sometimes, it is time to move on.”

Asked point-blank whether he thinks Tony Stark will perish, Layton added: “That is one way of doing it, but I’d only be guessing. I know this — I wouldn’t want to recast Tony Stark. Who would want to try to top Downey?”

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However, if Stark were indeed to die in the next “Avengers” flick, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the last we’ll see of Iron Man. “If Tony doesn’t come back, they can put somebody else in the armour and start a new generation of Iron Man,” Layton explained.

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