This bartender clearly needs to brush up on his superhero trivia.

Canadian actor Stephen Amell detailed an amusing conversation he had with a bartender in a hilarious new tweet.

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According to the actor, the bartender asked him if he was Chris O’Donnell. When Amell said “no,” the bartender remarked that he loves O’Donnell’s show.

“NCIS: LA”, Amell asked. “No, he’s awesome as the Green Arrow” the man replied. The “Arrow” star simply agreed.

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Amell, 37, added how he had worked with O’Donnell on “NCIS: LA” in the past. “He couldn’t have been a nicer guy,” said the Canadian.

O’Donnell may not be the Green Arrow, but he has played Robin in the ill-fated “Batman & Robin” opposite George Clooney.