Ben Affleck Predicted Streaming Services Like Spotify In 2003

Ben Affleck was way ahead of the curve.

A 2003 interview with Affleck recently resurfaced online. In the interview, the “Good Will Hunting” actor predicted the rise of music and movie streaming services like Spotify and Netflix.

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“I think an annual subscription-based system is one that works,” he said during a conversation about file-sharing. “It will be movies on demand but it will be a tiered structure.”

He accurately predicted how the music industry would offer consumers free trials to a nearly limitless catalogue of music, before later introducing a subscription fee after clients were hooked.

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“The technology’s not quite there yet, but it will be within I’d say five years,” Affleck predicted. Four years later, Netflix announced it would begin streaming movies online. Five years later, Spotify launched.

Speaking of the future, Affleck now looks onwards to his next leading role alongside Oscar Isaac in “Triple Frontier”.



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