Shawn Mendes Falls On Stage During Quebec Performance — Watch!

Shawn Mendes is known to take a tumble on stage from time to time and this weekend was no different.

The 19-year-old took to the stage in Quebec on Sunday before he fell to the ground after jumping from a higher platform to one below mid-performance.

Despite fans immediately taking to Twitter to voice their concerns, the Canadian heartthrob insisted that everything was ok. He did admit the fall was “insane,” though.

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Check out the clip below to see more of Mendes’ on-stage falls:

The singer’s latest appearance comes after he spoke to ET Canada about everything from dealing with the media to his battle with anxiety.

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“It’s like broken telephone,” Mendes said of the press. “I say one thing or tweet one thing and a million articles re-write it in a different way. Then by the time you see it, it already went through 50 different platforms and you are reading nothing like what I said.”

He added of his new LP: “I think only ‘In My Blood’ was focused on anxiety, but it was something that I started experiencing a couple of years ago.

“It’s a very confusing thing for somebody who’s never experienced it to understand what it means, because it’s different for every person.”

Read more from the chat here.

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