‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Claims Kids ‘Targeted’ Her On 4th Of July: They ‘Started Yelling The N-Word At Us’

Sunny Hostin is sharing her experience with racism.

“The View” co-host, 49, tearfully recalled an incident that occurred during her, and her family’s, 4th of July celebrations on Monday’s episode of the morning show.

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“You also cannot play charades while black on July 4th,” she said. “My family, as I said, have rented this house in a predominantly African American community. It has real history, it’s the only place blacks were allowed to buy beachfront property in the country. We were there celebrating and some kids, about 20 of them, ran in front of our home and started yelling the n-word at us.”

And according to Hostin, it didn’t end with the “n-word,” in fact, they also yelled: “This is America, we are patriots, this is our holiday.”

But when they ran into the group again and “realized they were targeting us,” Hostin began filming the harassers with her cell phone. “Were you the ones yelling the n-word? Because that’s harassment,” she can be heard saying in the clip she played on the show.

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“We called the police, I filed a police report,” Hostin continued. “The police were wonderful… they responded, they were just as outraged as we were.”

Whoopi Goldberg defended her friend, and co-host, “We are Americans, we’re all here together,” she said directly to the camera. “You can yell the n-word all that you want, because it’s not going to change the fact that we’re here, white people are here, yellow people are here, this is our country, our friends. And you can yell as much as you want and if you don’t know your homework, you kind of look a little stupid.”



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