Rick Campanelli’s ‘Les Mis’ Weekend

I absolutely love movies! I honestly do!

Musical movies – not so much… although there was The Wizard of Oz and Grease – two musical movies that have stood the test of time. And yes, I even catch myself singing or humming a tune from either of them now and again… btw Grease Lightning is one of my all time faves, yes, seriously!

So when I was given the assignment of working the Les Miserables junket down in NYC this past weekend – well,  let’s just say I wasn’t as excited as I was a month prior for the Skyfall junket that took place in that same Big Apple.

Anyway, I made my way to the AMC cinema at Lincoln Square, buy my popcorn and water and take my seat in the jam-packed theatre filled with other junketeers and contest winners. The movie starts and my mouth drops and it probably stayed in that position until the end credits roll… what an absolute masterpiece!

Les Mis is one of the most visually beautiful films that I’ve ever seen. The acting is superb and the singing is all done live as the director was rolling! Live singing with live acting is unheard of… it’s ground breaking filmmaking! No tracks, no studios – it was all done live until the director yelled wrap – that director btw was Academy Award winner Tom Hooper (he won best director for The King’s Speech).

Superb acting is pretty easy to accomplish when you have superb actors – Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Helena Bonham Carter, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne and of course the original Jean Valjean, Colm Wilkinson! Are you kidding me with this cast? Unbelievable!

It’s not just that each and every one of these actors are brilliant, but their singing was equally as brilliant. Yes, even Russell Crowe, who did you know began all those years ago in a music production in Australia and who fronts the rock band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts?

Now Russell has a great voice, but Hugh and Anne will  blow you away with their vocal range! They are incredible together during their duets and even more powerful on their own.

I had the pleasure of interviewing both Anne and Hugh before…  Anne for The Princess Bride or was it Ella Enchanted – it was some whimsical tale many moons ago. And Hugh, for the very beautiful, yet confusing The Fountain. These two fine actors are very much sought after these days and it’s no surprise why. They steal the movie with their presence and delivery and they did exactly that with me when I was given four minutes with each of them at the Mandarin Oriental… I would have died for six minutes. Maybe I’ll get an extra two when Hugh reprises his Wolverine role… fingers crossed!

Watch a sneak peek of my interview with Hugh below and catch the full thing on tonight’s ET Canada!

~ By Rick Campanelli



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