More than two years after filming ended on The Real Housewives Of Vancouver, Ronnie Negus is reflecting on her experience on the show – and, she admits, it wasn’t an easy one.

“The first season was more fun, for sure,”; Negus tells ET Canada’s Erin Cebula. “And then you bring in a few new girls, and we lost a couple, and it is a whole different dynamic.”;

For all the drama unfolding on-screen, the real chaos for Negus was happening at home. In 2012, her daughter, Remington, nearly died after a choking accident sent her into emergency surgery, leaving her comatose. She later made a full recovery, but rather than deal with the trauma of the incident, the reality star returned to work on season two of RHOV.

“I really shouldn’t have been back on [the] second season, and I should have healed,”; Negus admits. “I thought if I went back, it would be really good for me to get my mind off what had just happened to Remington. I thought, Well, this’ll be good, I’ll go back on, and I can move forward. And truthfully, it was completely the wrong thing.”;

Negus reveals that she experienced panic attacks during filming, “Like I was choking – similar to what happened to Remy.”;

These days, life is much more peaceful for the former housewife, in large part because of her newfound sobriety.

“I have pretty much been sober for the last two years,”; Negus, who now regularly participates in Alcoholics Anonymous, tells us proudly. Looking back on RHOV, though, she says the show made her battle with alcohol harder. “They encourage it, of course,”; she says. “With alcohol, all hell breaks loose.”;

In spite of her turbulence with reality TV, Negus has no regrets.

“I’m always thankful for the life experience,”; she says.

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