Justin Timberlake Backs England In The World Cup And Turns Concert Into Watch Party For Crucial Match

Justin Timberlake has caught World Cup fever and he’s even got a team to cheer for.

At the singer’s concert at the O2 Arena on Monday night, he told the London crowd that when he first came to the city somebody told him that he became an “honorary Brit.”

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Timberlake then proceeded to lead the packed arena in chanting England’s World Cup slogan, “It’s coming home!”

One local fan decided Timberlake’s fandom for the national team wasn’t enough, though.

DJ and radio host Shaneil Patel tweeted at the singer to say that if the crucial semi-finals match between England and Croatia is played during his Wednesday night show at the O2 he would get some of Timberlake’s lyrics tattooed on his body.

That offer caught Timerblake’s attention.

30 minutes later, the former N*Sync singer tweeted out a video announcing that he had arranged with the O2 to have the big game playing on the screens at the arena during his July 11 show so they could all watch together.

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Meanwhile, Timberlake fans in the U.K. celebrated having their favourite singer’s support for team England on their way to possibly winning the World Cup.



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