Sarah Silverman Dishes Out Honest Advice, Gets Asked Cringeworthy Questions For ‘Late Late Show’ Skit

Sarah Silverman discussed everything from farting to whether it’s ok to sit next to your Uber driver as she took part in a “Too Afraid To Ask” skit on “The Late Late Show”.

Silverman, 47, didn’t hold back as she dished out some advice to Reddit users in the clip.

Redditer PrincerferX asked: “Does anyone else feel bad for the songs you always skip in your playlist?” which resulted in the comedienne ranting about how her sister used to think objects had feelings.

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Silverman admitted, “I don’t think the songs feel, but, you know, in 10 years we might find out songs feel. For now I don’t feel bad because I am responsible for my own happiness and so are you and you shouldn’t worry about it.”

The actress was then asked about sitting in the front seat of an Uber, to which she replied: “I am a Lyft person and I do often sit in the front seat.

“If they’ve got all their stuff in the front seat that means they want you to sit in the back. But sometimes it really does feel like a friend is picking you up.”

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Silverman’s final question saw one Reddit user tell her that they’d been “farting like crazy” due to a new health kick.

When asked if it would ever stop, the star replied: “I don’t know you or your chemical makeup, I don’t know how your stomach processes vegetables. But, you gotta get it under control!

“I would success a twice daily probiotic. And also be less disgusting of a person, kidding it’s natural, but I don’t do it!”



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