Shania Twain Tells Reporters Why She’s ‘Still The One’

Shania Twain explains to a room full of reporters during a press conference at Caesar’s Palace why she’s weathering quite well in Vegas. “I grew up in the winter in northern Ontario, and there is very dry air there in the winter,”; she reveals.  “So far, I’ve been here for what, six weeks now, and I’m singing hard every day. I’m fine, unless I get a cold or flu here, but I’m not finding it an exceptional challenge.”;

And although you might not think that air conditions should be at the top of Shania’s list of things to consider the day before the première of her “Still The One”; residency at the Colosseum in Las Vegas, it has previously taken down star vocalists such as Donny Osmond and Celine Dion.

The songstress’ hard core fans will know that her voice in particular is delicate. The singer recently suffered from vocal dysphonia, or a constricting of the muscles around her vocal chords.  Which is not an ideal malady for someone just getting started on their two-year, 60-show commitment.

“I am being very conscientious,”; Shania says. “I take a lot of steam showers, and Bette Midler has recommended some (throat) sprays. Everybody has given me their little tips, and I’m just being careful. I take good care of myself.”;

And don’t worry, even though Shania’s being careful, the country superstar is still making sure she’s having fun: “The show itself is very fun for me. I was a bit worried in the beginning, I was thinking “well you know if we’re staying in the same place every night is there going to be an edge?’ but I’ve never had a show so exciting before, where I’m just having a lot of fun up there!”;

Watch more from the press conference below, and tweet us whether or not you’ll be making the trek to Las Vegas to see Shania live on stage!



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