Singing Golden Retriever Impresses Simon Cowell On ‘America’s Got Talent’

“America’s Got Talent” is going to the dogs!

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In a bit of a surprise for Simon Cowell, a contestant on the reality competition series brought on her golden retriever Oscar to show off his chops.

The three-year-old dog started “singing” about a year and a half ago while his owner Pam played on the piano at home. Soon enough she had taught him how to hold a note. “He can even do a vibrato,” she said.

Cowell disbelievingly said, “I don’t want to expect too much, yeah, but I’m not kidding. I’ve been doing this show a long time, and I always said, ‘If we could find a dog that could sing, that would be everything to me.’”

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Pam sat down at the piano and began playing and amazingly Oscar started singing right along, wowing the audience with his adorable gift.

“He’s on key!” host Tyra Banks said at one point.

And while Cowell was less than impressed with Pam’s tickling of the ivories, he had positive things to say about her dog.

Watch the clip above.



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