Meghan Markle Sparks Twitter Meltdown As She’s Dragged Into Irish Abortion Debate During Dublin Visit

Meghan Markle ended up being dragged into Ireland’s recent referendum to legalize abortion debate as she chatted to an Irish politician on Tuesday night.

Meghan, 36, who has flown to Dublin with Prince Harry, 33, for their first official foreign visit as newlyweds, has been accused of possibly breaking royal protocol by airing her views on a political subject during the garden party event.

However, the Senator who started the whole debate, Catherine Noone, has since taken to Twitter to insist that what she ended up posting wasn’t necessarily how it should’ve come across.

Noone had previously written that she “had a chat” with the Duchess about Ireland’s decision to scrap the abortion ban, with her saying: “She watched with interest and was pleased to see the result.”

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After the post, which supposedly revealed Meghan’s “pro-choice” views, sparked an online meltdown, she deleted it and has since told the Irish Independent that her words had been “unintentionally misleading.”

Noone has also replied to numerous Twitter users to insist Meghan “expressed no political opinion.”

The politician wasn’t the only one tweeting at the event, with writer Una Mullally also posting:



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