Celebrity chef and TV personality Mary Jo Eustace got the scare of a lifetime in 2013 when her daughter Lola, now 10, had begun to lose her hair.

“We actually noticed a little bald spot on the top of her head, and I didn’t take much notice of it, but a couple of days later it got a little bigger,”; Mary Jo tells ET Canada.

Soon, Mary Jo and Lola were shopping for a wig.

“I was freaking out kind of,”; says Lola. “I was like, “What is happening to me?'”;

What was happening was alopecia, an auto-immune disease that attacks hair follicles.

“We got into doing the Donald Trump combover for the hairdo; we had all sorts of powders, tricks,”; says Mary Jo.

But the best trick came at the advice of a nutritionist about going gluten-free. Being a chef, Mary Jo came up with some irresistible recipes which she’s since compiled into her latest cookbook, Scared Wheatless.

“It’s about health and feeling good,”; says Mary Jo as Lola gives a big double thumbs up.

Scared Wheatless is available now in stores and online.

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