Duran Duran Singer Simon Le Bon Responds After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault: ‘It’s Simply Untrue’

Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon has issued a statement after he was accused of sexually assaulting a fan while signing autographs at the record store where she worked in 1995.

Shereen Hariri, who has seemingly since deleted the post from Facebook, wrote that the musician grabbed her “butt cheek” before “making his way down my butt to my genitals,” the BBC reported.

Le Bon, 59, has now taken to Duran Duran’s official Facebook page to deny the claims.

He insisted: “The behaviour that Ms Hariri has accused me of, would have been just as inappropriate and unacceptable to me then as it is today. But the allegation is simply untrue.

“When Ms Hariri first contacted me about her claim months ago, I proposed meeting with her in person so I could set the record straight. Instead, she has decided to pursue this publicly.

“I have always been one who can admit to my mistakes and apologize for my failings. But I cannot apologize for something I did not do.”

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Le Bon’s comments come after Hariri reportedly wrote: “I was shocked and completely frozen.

”I was being assaulted in the midst of that scene. I knew I had a smile still half-pasted on my face, but once the shock started to wear off a bit, my brain went into panic mode. I tried to figure out what to do. If I made a scene, I’d be in the press: the Girl Who Accused Simon Le Bon. I’d probably be fired, rejected, ignored, even hated.

“I decided that time’s up. I’m not holding this secret anymore. I want everyone to know what this man did to me.”

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Hariri continued: “I hope he comes clean publicly. I hope he make amends to his wife and daughters. I hope his daughters live in a better world than the one he created — and mine does too. I hope none of them are grabbed by the p***y by a powerful man just because he can.”

Hariri is said to have changed her mind about coming forward with her story after the release of Donald Trump’s infamous “grab them by the p***y tape” in October 2016.

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