England lost its World Cup semifinals match to Croatia on Wednesday and some fans have discovered the reason why: Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones frontman was in attendance at the big game to cheer on his home team.

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But some fans pointed out that this was just the latest example of a so-called Mick Jagger “jinx” in which he backed the losing team.

In 2014, Jagger tweeted good luck twice to England for two matches at the World Cup in Brazil; the team ended up losing both games.

He then attended a match between Germany and Brazil in which the Brazilians lost 7-1. Jagger was backing Brazil as his son, who was also there, has a Brazilian mother.

Back in 2010, Jagger attended a World Cup match between Ghana and the U.S. with former president Bill Clinton. America lost that game as well.

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England fans on Twitter quickly took to blaming Jagger for bringing his curse to bear on the country’s chance at a second World Cup title — its first coming in 1966.