“Good Morning America” presenter George Stephanopoulos was left cringing on Thursday after he accidentally said Zachary Quinto played Spock in “Star Wars” and not “Star Trek”.

Stephanopoulos, 57, was introducing Quinto, 41, to viewers when he made the rookie mistake.

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The ABC journo began, “Here now with Zachary Quinto, you know him as Spock from ‘Star Wars’…,” before Quinto immediately interrupted: “‘Star Trek’, George! ‘Star Trek’.”

Stephanopoulos then said, “On my gosh. I am going to get so much hate mail on Twitter.”

He went on to beg Quinto, “Can you absolve me right now?” as the actor jokingly insisted, “I’m out of this,” before adding: “I’m joking. Of course, of course. It’s an honest mistake.”

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Unsurprisingly, just as Stephanopoulos predicted, it didn’t take long before comments about the mix-up started to roll in on Twitter.

See some of the social media response below: