Tom Cruise’s “MI” character Ethan Hunt is returning to the silver screen with “Mission Impossible: Fallout” on July 27 and we have the latest on the exciting sixth instalment.

In an ET Canada exclusive, Sangita Patel sits down with Cruise to talk “MI: 6”, catch up and get advice on the best places to visit in the City of Love, Paris.

“You have to check out Versailles, you have to see the Louvre,” he told Sangita. “Just even walking in the streets, I mean you went for a run this morning… what a great city to get lost in.”

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TOM CRUISE! Oh ya #SangitaSqeeze – You know there are moments and then there are Tom Cruise holy croissant I can’t believe I’m chilling with Tom chatting protein! So let me set this up, I’m on the terrace and taking a OOTD (last pic) – well, as I’m posing there is Tom watching for I don’t know how long… I was totally blushing:) Which led to this epic shot! This was a highlight in my career. I’ve chatted with him before but never like this…Mission accomplished! AND @chiarabonilapetiterobe we have another Tom Cruise dress, he loved it:) And Amanda, thx for this amazing experience – you rock! We will always have the marble cake:) #smile #tv #dress #missionompossiblefallout #Paris #TomCruise @etcanada @goldenboymacrae we did it!

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And speaking of running, it’s a race against time after a mission goes off course for Hunt and his IMF team in the movie, which features some familiar allies and some new faces, like Henry Cavill.

The “Mission Impossible” franchise is popular for many different reasons, from dialogue to cinematography. However the franchise is known for the death defying stunts it carries out, most of which are executed by the franchise’s star, Cruise, himself.

When asked about how he prepares and plans for a “Mission Impossible” film, Cruise says, “I have times where I am just resting or relaxing, that is when I am thinking about the story. But also [Christopher] McQuarrie, the director, and I will get together and just have moments where we are kicking back and talking about the story and stuff, things that we want to do and things that we want to explore.”

“But prepping these things like this helicopter scene, I was training all over the world. I trained at airbus in Texas and everywhere I went I was training. I was here in Paris, as we were shooting the whole Paris sequence and everyday, in the morning and at night I would fly a helicopter to see and constantly keep that skill razor sharp,” he says.

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With all of the stunts Tom Cruise has performed for “Mission Impossible” audiences worldwide, there have been a couple close calls on serious injury, including a couple broken bones.

The actor broke his ankle while filming on set of “Mission Impossible: Fallout”, but he reveals he’s “healing, life is good.” When asked if he has a guardian angel Cruise says, “When I am doing it, it is my stunt crew and McQuarrie.”

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Ahead of the premiere in Paris, Cruise said: “We really wanted to celebrate Paris… my goal making these movies is to go to these different cultures and celebrate them.”

“Mission Impossible: Fallout” is set to hit movie theatres July 27.